🌞 -3 Days Until Election Day – November 06 2020

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Happy Friday. I’m glad this election could come down to a county in Georgia named Clayton. We need more counties named Clayton. It has a nice ring to it. Clayton County also looks cool on a map. Like a face with sunglasses on.

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In Today’s Newsletter:

  • Bitcoin soars
  • U.S. smashes single day coronavirus case record
  • A dog won a Kentucky election. Yes, it’s true.


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In Case You Missed It.


🐶 A French bulldog named Wilbur was elected Mayor in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

🐧 Gentoo penguins are more diverse than we previously thought! Scientists say that there are four different species of them, not just one!

📈 Voters in Jersey City, New Jersey, have approved a tax increase to support the arts.

⚓️ Giant Australian spotted jellyfish are invading the Carolina coast. These beasts are so big they can damage boats.

On Today’s Live Show: I’ll have a full debate recap Subscribe and join us at 9AM EST right here.

Coronavirus Update: 🗣 Total confirmed U.S. cases as of 12 a.m. ET: 9,606,645 — Total deaths: 234,911 — Total recoveries: 3,781,751

  • The US hit a new record of more than 118,000 Covid cases in a single day on Thursday and experts estimate over 266,000 deaths from the disease by the end of the year.
  • A new study shows that even asymptomatic Covid carriers can continue to shed the virus for up to 70 days.
  • In Poland, ambulances are so busy with Covid patients that they have to wait hours in a car line to get patients into ER.

The Lead: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part


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Same thing we said yesterday and the day before that: No decisive victor has been called for the Presidency. The numbers are looking increasingly good for Vice President Biden so President Trump gave a speech on Wednesday night and it was a molotov cocktail. Many networks cut away from it because it was full of so many untruths.

Pulling out all stops


The President is using every way possible to claim that he’s been sabotaged. He says that the votes that are coming in now are illegitimate and the counting should have stopped on Tuesday when he had leads in key states. He said that the pre-election polls that put him behind was a form of voter suppression by pollsters, discouraging people from voting for him. He says that there was a lot of illegal activity at the polls, when there has been no evidence of that.

Tossed. In fact, a judge in Michigan threw out a lawsuit from the Trump campaign straight away. The President asked a court to make the vote counting stop due to fraudulent activity, and the judge said that there was no evidence of that. Michigan has already been called for Vice President Biden anyway.

The President is going to use every megaphone he’s got to cry foul and we knew that. Facebook already shut down a group called Stop the Steal which was aimed at delegitimizing the election. It had gained 300,000 members in just two days.

Meanwhile, Stimulus and Stocks


Meanwhile, the stock market is set to close with its fastest upswing since April. Some say that the Senate Republican hold means that corporate taxes will likely not go up and investors danced a jig about it. This is not a foregone conclusion given the Georgia senate race is still not called and this may not actually give Republicans the Senate but the stock market is hedging its bets.

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Bitcoin Wins Beauty Pagent Advances to Go


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The value of Bitcoin hit a three-year high on Thursday, trading at over $15,000 per coin.

Since the pandemic, the value of Bitcoin has continued its rise, more than doubling this year. On Thursday alone, it gained 7% in value.

Uncertainty in the current federal-backed currency is obviously helping investors seek alternatives, especially this week when uncertainty is the name of the game. The value of the dollar is plummeting while bitcoin surges. Some say it could top $20,000 by the end of the year.

News By The Numbers


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2 hours. That is how much sleep MSNBC political analyst Steve Kornacki has had per night since Tuesday. The Internet is watching him keep going like the Energizer Bunny, furiously tapping touch screens to turn states blue or red. People noticed when he changed his pants because it meant he’d had at least some time to himself.

3 times. That is how much more likely a Latina woman is to have dropped out of the workforce during the pandemic than a non-Latina woman.

2050. That is the year that oil company Shell has set as a goal to become “a net-zero emissions energy business.”

12,000. That is how much a man in Texas is willing to pay as a reward for finding his 10-month old puppy named Jocko. Someone bring Jocko home!

Double-Dip Brexit In a Waffle Cone Please


giphy.gifUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson credit: getty


The United Kingdom seems to be heading into a double-dip recession due to the pandemic and Brexit. The Bank of England is putting £150 billion ($195 billion) into the UK economy to prevent disaster.

Interest rates are 0.1% and they will stay that way. The country is currently back in a strict lockdown and making final preparations to make Brexit official. Once that happens, UK businesses will face high costs to do business with the rest of Europe and that is worrisome, especially when it will happen in an already-down economy.

Britain has its own form of stimulus which will pay 80% of the wages for unemployed people through March.

Grover’s Corner: I’m Watching You


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In Greece, if you abuse an animal, you can now face up to 10 years in prison. This new law was voted unanimously by the Greek parliament on Thursday.

This law is no joking matter. If you are convicted of hurting an animal, you will pay a fine of up to 15,000€ and get a minimum of 1 year in prison.

Recent abuse of animals has sparked outrage in Greece. There were 2,644 reports of animal abuse from January to June of this year alone. The Greek Agriculture Minister said that this law is meant to send a “strong message” to society that this will not be tolerated.

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