Happy Monday. The Supreme Court’s 2021-2022 term starts today. They’re back in person for the first time since March 2020. I hope they remember their trapper keepers and backpacks.

In Case You Missed It. 

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🥓 You can now buy a sweatsuit that smells like smoked meat because Arby’s thinks “Smoked Sweats” are a thing that you want.

🔭 The James Webb Space Telescope is keeping its name, despite calls for a switch. James Webb, former NASA Administrator from 1961 to 1968, is widely reported to have discriminated against women and LGBTQIA+ people. The agency says they found no evidence to warrant a name change.

📺 Pat Robertson appeared in his last show of The 700 Club on Friday. The 91-year-old is stepping down after 55 years of hosting. His son is taking on host duties starting today.

💰 Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has to pay damages to families of children killed in the 2012 Newtown massacre, a tragedy which he said: “pretty much didn’t happen.” This is not the first time he’s been held liable, and there are more lawsuits pending.

🛑 Ozy is no more. The digital media company closed down on Friday. Turns out a lot of their success was like when I tell myself cookie dough made out of chickpeas is ‘just as good’ as the real thing. Reality always gets you in the end.

Coronavirus Update: 😷 Total confirmed U.S. cases as of 2:00 p.m. ET on Sunday: 43,669,745 — Total deaths: 700,982

  • Less than two months after Tyson Foods announced its vaccine mandate, 91% of employees are fully vaccinated. There are 120,000 employees, so that’s not nothing. 
  • American Airlines announced Friday that it will require all U.S.-based employees and some international crew to be vaccinated.
  • Justice Brett Kavanaugh tested positive for Covid. He is fully vaccinated and has no symptoms, but he will participate in oral arguments remotely this week.
  • Alabama is close to approving the use of $400 million of Covid relief money to build two huge prisons. I don’t think that’s what the money is for.
  • Alaska is having to decide who will live and who will die because ICU beds are overrun with Covid patients. Alaska is now the number one hotspot in the U.S. 
  • The CDC released guidance Saturday for upcoming holiday celebrations. They want us to stay home and celebrate outdoors with (a small number of) close family and friends. If your party has to happen indoors, the CDC recommends window fans to increase circulation. Just don’t invite Terri. She’s always going for that wind-blown hair look. 3,343.92















*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00am ET.

  • Markets: Stock futures fell this morning as we head into the first full week of trading in October. Tesla delivered 241,300 electric vehicles during the third quarter of 2021, the company said Saturday. And the crypto markets bounced back with BTC nearing $50,000. 


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The Lead: School Vaccine Mandates

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California kids will soon need a Covid shot if they want to attend school. The requirement will apply to children attending both public and private schools.

Of course, kids under 12 currently can’t get the vaccine, but Governor Newsom plans to phase the mandate in, potentially starting with grades 7-12 in July 2022. California, which already requires school-wide masking, would be the first state to implement this kind of mandate in schools.

The Covid vaccine would be added to the list of other required vaccines for in-person school like measles and mumps. Independent study will be available for the unvaccinated, and rules for exceptions are coming. 

On The Road Again

credit: Douglas Boyes/Science Advances

Say goodbye to travel bans! President Biden plans to replace the bans with vaccination and testing requirements for travelers.

Anyone traveling from countries like Brazil, Ireland, Portugal, China, the UK, and basically everywhere that has not been allowed to fly directly to the US unless they have a green card or US citizenship.

But after November 1st, fully vaccinated people can come on over (after pre-departure testing)! They don’t have to quarantine once they arrive.

Details are still coming, like whether people who got the AstraZeneca vaccine (not approved in the US) count as “fully vaccinated.” 

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I'm Shocked To Find Gambling In This Establishment

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The world’s wealthiest people were victim of a data leak that showed all the tricks they use to move their money around. The documents are called the Pandora Papers and they expose the transactions of presidents, politicians, celebrities and kings. 

How did this happen?

There are companies in, say the British Virgin Islands, that set up offshore trusts and accounts for wealthy people to use to purchase assets. Some people inside these companies leaked 11.9 million documents to journalists and the journalists spent a year verifying them.

For instance, a woman thought to have a romantic relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin became the owner of a luxury apartment just after giving birth. The apartment was purchased with an account from the British Virgin Island. 

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair purchased a office space in a posh London neighborhood with similar accounts. The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic purchased property in France similarly and he is facing re-election this week. 

None of this activity is illegal. In fact, some might argue it is prudent to use loopholes to save in taxes. This is taught in business school after all. It may be embarrassing to those exposed based on their political posturing. It also makes you wonder why someone would work for an offshore servicing firm and then leak documents to journalists. 

I Can't See Your Reflection

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The shine is coming off our planet. Over the past two decades, Earth has been reflecting less light. We’re now reflecting about half a watt less light per square meter, which researchers say is kind of a big deal.

There aren’t as many reflective clouds over the eastern Pacific Ocean, so Earth is taking the sunlight and KEEPING IT. We want the warmth. The global warmth. 

Oh, I get it. This is bad. Climate-crisis bad.

The lack of clouds is likely the result of warmer sea temperatures, which are also likely connected to the climate crisis. 

News By The Numbers

24. That is how much network traffic surged with South Korean internet provider SK Broadband since May 2008. The company says the jump is due to Netflix's Korean shows like Squid Game, so the ISP is suing Netflix for $22.9 million. Red light.

35. That is the number of world leaders the Pandora papers show have secret offshore dealings. Plus 300 other important people. More details will roll out this week. (see our full story above)

5. That is how many years the Women’s March has been happening. The first march took place the day after President Trump’s inauguration in 2017, and the fifth took place on Saturday.

$1,000. That is the bonus Apple is giving employees who were hired before March 31st. I guess it’s an ok way to say thank you for braving Covid so we can sell more stuff.

000000. That is how many zeroes Venezuela cut from its currency due to hyperinflation. 

111. That is how many Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine have been awarded since the first award in 1901. Today that number goes up to 112. Announcements of this year’s winners run through October 11th.

Making Covid Less Deadly

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Merck has a pill that makes Covid less deadly! The drugmaker says that preliminary results from the latest study of molnupiravir show that the antiviral cuts cases of hospitalization and death by about 50%.

The results were so good that they stopped the trial early and are moving straight to seeking emergency use authorization. 

Experts stress that a Covid pill is not a substitute for the vaccine, but it is another tool in the pandemic battle. The pill could be a way to help reduce surges and protect people in parts of the world where vaccines aren’t readily available.

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