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Happy Thursday. 

If you missed the solar eclipse this morning, you can catch the replay on NASA’s YouTube channel

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  • Crypto traders will have a less stressful morning now that Bitcoin is bouncing back. 

  • The Keystone Pipeline obituary.

  • Our team worked really hard on our new markets section. Now at a glance, you can see what Bitcoin is doing. We hope you like it.

In Case You Missed It

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☕️ Starbucks is facing a shortage of cups, cup stoppers, cake pops and syrup as people stream back into stores. 

🍺 A man was fired for going to a pub after he called in sick. He sued for wrongful termination and won. There is no law against drinking for medicinal purposes in the U.K. 

🇳🇿 Auckland, New Zealand has been ranked as the world’s most livable city based on stability, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure. No U.S. cities made the list. 

📦 UPS is looking into same-day delivery options. 

🌲 Over 100 academics, experts and public figures have signed a letter asking the royal family to “rewild their lands” as a commitment to the environment. But they need that to be photographed looking posh in tweed! 

​​​​🗣 Coronavirus Update: Total confirmed global cases as of 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday: 174,243,152 — Total deaths: 3,753,490 — Total vaccine doses administered: 2,208,407,256

  • Parisians can now dine indoors with new restrictions being lifted. 
  • New research shows that the Wuhan market has over 47,000 live animals for sale from 38 species. If true, it’s a wonder it’s taken this long for an infectious disease to come out of there. 
  • The U.S. will donate 500 million Covid vaccines to lower-income countries over the next year. 
  • India reported the highest single-day death toll from Covid on Thursday of over 6,000 people. 














*stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00am ET.

  • Markets: Bitcoin jumped 13% on news that El Salvador formally recognized the cryptocurrency as legal tender. U.S. stocks closed lower on inflation concerns while the S&P 500 wobbled in and out of record territory. 
  • Economy: People are buying a lot of stuff and that sent retail sales forecasts skyrocketing between 10.5% and 13.5% Wednesday. Job openings in the US hit their highest level on record in April, while layoffs hit a record low. 


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The Lead: Dead and Buried

credit: bloomberg

The Keystone Pipeline project is dead now. The energy company that had been developing the oil line and the Alberta provincial government both confirmed this on Wednesday. 

This was supposed to be a continent-spanning oil pipeline to deliver 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Environmentalists have been fighting this project, pointing out that now is not the time to double down on fossil fuels and disrupt natural environments along the way. They will now turn their fights towards other Canadian oil pipelines. 

The writing was on the wall from day one of the Biden administration when the President revoked the project’s permit. The Canadian government had already invested $1.1 billion in the project and it will now explore ways to recover that cost. 

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Disappearing Languages

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A new study shows that 30% of the 7,400 languages on the planet will disappear in the next century. Scientists worry that it is not just culture that will disappear with those languages – it is also wisdom. 

The study concludes that the knowledge of medicinal plants will not survive the death of indigenous languages. A biologist from the University of Zurich looked at 12,000 medicinal plants associated with 230 indigenous languages and, according to The Guardian, found that “73% of medicinal knowledge in North America was only found in one language; 91% in north-west Amazonia; and 84% in New Guinea. If the languages became extinct, the medicinal expertise associated with them probably would too. Researchers expect their findings from these regions to be similar in other parts of the world.”

What do these indigenous people know that the Western world does not? A lot! Examples include the use of certain tree barks for digestive problems, fruit for respiratory ailments and more. 

“Even the best plant taxonomists out there are amazed by the breadth of knowledge of indigenous cultures, not only about plants but also animals and their inter-relations,” the lead researcher on this study said. 

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News By The Numbers

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$65 million. That is how much an 18th-century scroll sold for in Beijing, making it the most expensive Chinese artwork ever sold at auction. It was painted in the 1750s. 

$18.89 million. That is how much a 1933 U.S. gold coin sold for at an auction in New York. Experts call it the last gold coin made and intended for circulation. The face value is $20.

3,800. That is how many job openings the TSA needs to fill due to increased summer travel. The agency had budgeted to hire 6,000 people to keep up with the 1.4 million people it has been screening per day since April but they’re still short. 

$11 million. That is how much the Brazilian meat company that was shut down by hackers paid in ransom

1,100. That is how many people were arrested in China for using cryptocurrency for nefarious things such as online scams. 

Well That Changes Everything

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new law in Arizona will allow debt collectors to place liens on your house! 

Previously, only someone who worked on your house or had a contract related to the house could place a lien on your house. A lien is a debt recorded with the county that says that when that house sells, that creditor is in line to get paid from the proceeds. Liens always get paid in this order: the city or county, then the bank holding the mortgage, and then any additional creditor. 

According to the new law, anyone you owe money to could get at the back of that line and that lien will stay with the house until it is paid off. It could be a credit card company. It could be a medical bill collector. That debt holder can now make a claim on the equity in your home. It will not just go away. 

It is unclear how easy or hard it will be for someone to place a lien on your house. What if a neighbor says that you owe them money and tries to record a lien? Surely it can’t be that easy but we anticipate there will be problems getting some unwarranted liens removed with this new law. 

Esports Arena

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The University of Texas is considering building a stadium dedicated to watching esports – meaning video game sports competitions! 

A gaming group at UT is called Longhorn Gaming. It has been around for 11 years and is now a sponsored organization at the university. Because popularity is growing, the organization is asking for a dedicated stadium to host between 24 and 30 stations for dedicated play. 

If this happens, the university could offer esport players scholarships like the ones offered to traditional athletes. The stadium would cost $1.5 million and be completed next year.

Bitcoin Bounce

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Bitcoin jumped 13% to $37,000 on news that El Salvador passed a law to accept it as legal tender. This comes after weeks of cryptocurrency faltering. 

Crypto experts speculate that El Salvador could use geothermal energy from volcanoes to mine Bitcoin next! 

El Salvador’s move has other countries considering doing the same, namely Paraguay, Brasil, Mexico, Colombia and the Kingdom of Tonga. 

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