🌞 Cancel Thanksgiving? – October 16 2020


Good Friday Morning.

My little girl got scared last night and asked me to sleep with her. She talked in her sleep all night mumbling something about Grandma and a stick. So if I look exhausted on the show this morning you’ll know the story. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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In Today’s Newsletter:

  • The government is coming for the social media giants
  • A woman killed a dragon. Yes, it’s true.
  • YouTube battles conspiracy theories

In Case You Missed It

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  • Check your spice rack for Herb de Provence because it has been recalled due to Salmonella.
  • Canadians have the lowest opinion of Americans in 40 years. Maybe that is why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that he will extend the border closings between the U.S. and Canada for the foreseeable future.
  • A woman in England was given jail time and barred from owning pets for life after she starved her bearded dragon to death. She has also reserved her special place in hell.
  • The US jobless rate set a record high since the pandemic began, with 898,000 filing for unemployment last week.
  • The two Presidential candidates held separate town hall events last night and showcased their very different personalities.

🗣 Coronavirus Update: Total confirmed U.S. cases as of 9 p.m. ET: 7,975,725 — Total deaths: 217,746 — Total recoveries: 3,177,397

📈 The US reported the highest daily count of new Covid cases since July, which we thought at the time would be the peak.

🗳 A member of the Biden staff has tested positive for Covid but the campaign says that this person did not have any contact with the VP during the flight and he will not need to be isolated as a result.

🦃 Dr. Anthony Fauci asks Americans to cancel Thanksgiving as Covid cases continue to rise.


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Lead Story: Government Pulls Out Its Regulation Handbook

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The Federal Communications Commission says that it will regulate social media. Gulp. That is a big undertaking and we predict it will not go smoothly.

The chair of the FCC says that there is bi-partisan support for this in congress since social media does not currently have to play by the same rules as other media.

The Latest

This comes on the heels of Facebook and Twitter moderating posts about Hunter Biden, Vice President Biden’s son. An odd story about his laptop popped up this week and social media decided to block it in order to verify the story before allowing it to be widely disseminated.

Social media companies had the freedom to make these decisions independently and there are many who don’t agree with this. The President is one of them. So now the FCC is jumping into action to call for regulation at a very obvious time. Way to catch up guys. The time for rules and regulations was about 10 years ago but okay. Let’s do it.

What’s Next?

We predict that this will go down like a gladiator battle because the government may want one thing, but social media companies want another and have the money to fight. There will be lobbyists galore. It is hard to imagine this ends with legislation that is in our best interest.

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Solving The Hot Car Problem

credit: studyfinds.org

Scientists in South Korea have come up with a device that can cool down your hot car without using up electricity or gas. It is called the Janus emitter, or JET. Flux Capacitor also has a nice ring to it.

The extreme temps in your car come from thermal heat from the sun entering through windows. This creates a “greenhouse effect” where the heat cannot escape. The JET could absorb thermal heat using quartz, silver, and silicon polymer and send it out into the atmosphere.

It is just a proof of concept for now but think of all the children that could be saved if this were built into every vehicle!

News By The Numbers

credit: julia nicole charters

1,000 pounds. That is the size of a bluefin tuna that some teenagers caught off the tip of Cape Cod last week. They said it barely fit in the boat. I also had to rotate the photo because it almost didn’t fit in this newsletter.

$710 million. That is how much Japan’s new electric submarine, the Taigei, cost to manufacture. It is powered by lithium ion batteries. It had its maiden launch this week.

69. That is how many people have tested positive for Covid from a spin class, even though the studio owner said that she “did everything right.” Sounds like spin to me.

10 meters. That is how far a goat walked through a village in India on its hind legs like a person, proving that we are finally living the Orwellian society we’ve feared.

One More Reason To Avoid A Yodeling Concert

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In our children’s school, singing is not allowed because there is not enough research about how to do it safely during a pandemic. Well, that has not stopped the Swiss from yodeling!

A yodeling concert in Switzerland is being called a super spreader event. Over 600 people attended the show and were asked to socially distance but were not required to wear masks. The region has seen a 20 percent increase in cases ever since.

Look, we all want to yodel, but now is the time for discipline. If you must yodel, do it alone in your own backyard for the time being, please.

The Battle Over Diversity Training

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Over 150 businesses, associations, and nonprofit groups have signed a letter asking President Trump to reconsider his stance on diversity training. The President issued an executive order telling government organizations NOT to conduct diversity training because he thinks it’s racist and sows bad feelings towards America.

These companies feel differently. They say that the order creates confusion and makes it harder for them to combat actual racism when it happens. They also worry about a hotline that the government set up for employees to report their employer if they are asked to do any diversity training. These companies say that this could lead to unnecessary and burdensome investigations.

The letter was signed by dozens of chambers of commerce, private businesses, and trade organizations such as the National Association of Realtors and the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America.

YouTube Takes on QAnon Conspiracy Theories

credit: youtube

YouTube has joined the fight against QAnon. The social network says in a new blog post that any videos from the group that incites violence or harassment based on conspiracy theories will be removed.

Violence and harassment are already banned on YouTube. So why is this QAnon policy necessary if YouTube will not issue a blanket policy against QAnon? This is not clear, but Facebook did just that and banned QAnon posts last week.

YouTube will also alter its algorithm so that QAnon videos are not recommended to more viewers.

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