🌞 DeJa Vu – January 14 2021


Happy Thursday.

It’s Impeachment 2.0. What ever will you wear for the occasion?

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In Today’s Newsletter:


  • The House impeaches a President

  • The Big Apple ditches Trump

  • The wolves from Game of Thrones actually roamed the Earth

In Case You Missed It

NJ Rep. Mikie Sherrill / credit: facebook

😳 New Jersey Representative Mikie Sherrill says she witnessed members of Congress giving reconnaissance tours one day before the Capitol riots.

🚨 Some members of Congress say that the panic buttons in their offices were inexplicably removed in the days before the Capitol riot. 

🛌 Airbnb will not allow reservations in Washington, DC next week due to concerns of violence during the inauguration.

💸 A third bank broke ties with President Trump. Professional Bank is the bank that loaned him the money to buy Mar-a-Lago.

💰 Charles Schwab will end its political action committee, a fund for political donations, and donate all money that is in that fund now.

🇨🇳 The U.S. will now ban all cotton and tomato products from China’s Xinjiang province due to slave labor.

🇵🇱 Poland is drafting legislation to make it illegal for tech companies to kick people off their platforms the way President Trump was kicked off Twitter and Facebook, a move the Polish prime minister denounces.

🗽 Andrew Yang has officially kicked off his campaign for New York City Mayor.

Coronavirus Update: 🗣 Total confirmed U.S. cases as of 3 p.m. ET Wednesday: 22,959,610 — Total deaths: 382,624 — Total tests: 269,334,131


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Second Time Is A Charm?


credit: house.gov

President Donald Trump was impeached for a second time by the House of Representatives on Wednesday night on allegations that he incited a riot on Congress to overturn his loss in the election. All Democrats voted to approve impeachment and 10 Republicans did too, more than were expected.

Now what?

Impeachment will now go to the Senate floor where Republican Senators are not showing their hands. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that he will put it up for a vote but not before the Senate reconvenes on January 19, which means a vote will not happen until after President Trump leaves office. Which means we could have an impeachment of a former President followed by a vote that bans him from ever running for office again, which would really shut down his fundraising efforts.

Lips sealed

President-elect Joe Biden has been pretty mum on the matter but he has said that he does not want impeachment to be the sole focus of Congress when he takes office because, you know, we’ve got a pandemic to get through. He will announce his proposed stimulus plan later today.

Not going to happen

Meanwhile, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene announced that she will be filing articles of impeachment on President-elect Joe Biden on his first full day as President, January 21 because she thinks that he is backed by Comunist Chinese influence. Sure, okay. But remember the Speaker of the House does not have to put those articles up for a vote and we’re going to bet that she won’t. 

Terminating Trump’s Ties To NYC


credit: getty

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says that the city will end its contracts with any organization owned or related to President Trump. When asked what these contracts were, he said that they were “entertainment related sites” and that the Trump Organization made $17 million per year on these contracts.

De Blasio says that the city is allowed to terminate contracts based on criminal activity and he thinks that the President’s actions are a “pretty clear” example of criminal activity.


… the President has not been charged or convicted of criminal activity. Businesses are not allowed to surmise that someone is a criminal on their own. This sets a dangerous precedent if contracts can be terminated based on opinion and not actual convictions.

New York City may actually get criminal convictions to base this on but they do not have one now. New York is a city that is fueled by business. Imagine the city they would have if businesspeople could cancel contracts because they judge other parties as criminals. We have courts for a reason and even this President deserves his day in court. Preferably when he is far from any pardon power.


The number of people racing to disavow this President is truly mind blowing. The wheels of justice turn slowly but wheels for the court of public opinion are off the wagon! 

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Game of Thrones Comes To Life


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Dire wolves were real! Oh you didn’t know this? You know nothing, Jon Snow. 

Scientists have analyzed the DNA of dire wolves and say that they deserve a species category all of their own. They are not actually close cousins of the gray wolves, as previously thought.

“Even though they look like wolves, dire wolves actually have nothing to do with wolves,” says lead researcher Angela Perri, a zooarchaeologist at Durham University.

In fact, the dire wolf is now thought to have been 20% bigger than a modern day wolf and actually resemble a large coyote instead. Archeologists want them removed from the Canis family of dog-like animals and put into their own classification called the Aenocyon dirus.

Scientists suspect that dire wolves were killed off by climate change along with their other ice age buddies. 

News By The Numbers


credit: w.m. keck observatory/adam maka

10 billion years old. That is the age of the planet known as TOI-561, discovered recently. It is 50% larger than Earth and has a density similar to Earth, despite being billions of years older.

$250,000. That is how much money Google will donate to cover Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals applications for over 500 immigrants. This is the program that allows children of undocumented immigrants to be protected from deportation if they were brought to the U.S. as children.

$100 million. That is how much Apple has pledged to a Racial Equity and Justice Initiative. This will create learning hubs at Black colleges as well as offer venture capital for Black and Brown entrepreneurs. 

Today’s Live Show


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Join us at 9 AM EST on our live show as we preview President-elect Joe Biden’s massive stimulus package coming today. Be sure to subscribe and RSVP to our show right here

Hello, Can I Talk To Ani?


credit: sky news

In the UK, the government has launched a program that allows victims of domestic abuse to ask for help in an incognito manner. If the victims go into a pharmacy and “ask for Ani,” they will be led into a private consulting room and put in touch with the police or other relevant services.

Over 250,000 domestic abuse cases were recorded between just March and June last year. The government wants to create these safe spaces where people can escape this torment, even while the country is in yet another strict lockdown. 

I Just Ate A Whole Sleeve of Oreos


credit: giphy

A new study shows that children who can exercise self control live longer, healthier lives. They were also more financially secure, more satisfied with middle-age life, and more equipped to deal with the demands of aging.

The study tracked 1,000 people from New Zealand from birth to age 45. They measured the amount of self control in the first 10 years of life to see how it predicted adulthood. Not only did self control predict better quality of life, it also seemed to slow aging in the brain.

If you are a creature of little self control, don’t worry. The study shows that learning this virtue at any stage of life can still have benefits. Plus, you have plenty of opportunities to practice self control during the pandemic!

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