🌞 Derailed – January 18 2022




Happy Tuesday. A train derailed in Los Angeles because the tracks are so littered with trash from package theft. The photos are apocalyptic. You expect to see WALL-E roll through at any moment but he doesn’t. This is real. 

credit: twitter

In Case You Missed It. 

🧑🏻‍💻 An update to Microsoft Teams will let users turn off their view of their video feed because no one likes to watch themselves look awkward in video meetings. 

💤 Google Assistant changed its white noise sound and toddlers are freaking out about it. 

🐋 A humpback whale in the Antarctic has been spotted tangled in fishing nets and activists are calling for changes to fishing practices. They say the whale is unlikely to survive like this. 

🇮🇱 Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is negotiating a plea bargain to end his corruption trial on conditions that would end his political career. 

🇲🇽 A Mexican photojournalist was shot dead outside his home while he was in a state protection program. 

📉 Stock futures are down ahead of this week’s quarterly earnings reports. 

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Covid Update:

  • Tourists are now required to have a Covid booster if they want to visit Hawaii. 
  • All Covid restrictions in the UK could end on March 10 so Boris Johnson can party without consequence. 
  • An Israeli study shows that a fourth booster shot is not effective against Omicron infection. 
  • China is blaming Canada for its Omicron breakout. 
  • new study shows that smell and taste loss in Covid is genetic. 








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*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00 am ET. 

  • Markets: Treasury yields surged, Nasdaq 100 Index futures tumbled and global stocks were dragged down by concern that central banks will have to raise rates sooner than expected. Moments ago crude oil prices climbed to a 2014 level high.

The Lead: The 5G Rollout Controversy

credit: ap

Is the 5G rollout the next Y2K? We’ll know this week if the mobile carriers carry on with the plan to switch on 5G service in the U.S. 

Airlines have been warning for weeks that the 5G rollout will disrupt airplane service because the FAA never bothered to create rules to protect network interference. In a letter to the FAA, the CEOs of major airlines begged the FAA to delay rollout of 5G within two miles of major airports. 

The letter warns that the disruption to flights will not only inconvenience travelers, it will also slow up the supply chain of goods as well as disrupt “delivery of needed medical supplies.” 

They warn that “multiple modern safety systems” will be “unstable” due to 5G. 

The FAA is still moving ahead though and the government agencies that were also sent the letter are a “no comment.” 

Top 10 Global Crisis

credit: getty

Times are tough for all of us but The New Humanitarian would like to remind us that they are much tougher for some. The publication published its annual list of 10 global crises and trends that we should all keep in mind in 2022. It doesn’t make for happy reading but it does make us better global citizens to know about it so let’s review it. 

Top of the list: the massive inequality and poverty brought on by the pandemic. While 2021 minted nearly 500 new billionaires, the exact opposite happened to more people in Africa and South America.  

The list also ranks hate speech on social media as a global crisis, leading to ethnic violence. Political upheaval in Myanmar, Haiti and Afghanistan also made the list and so are asylum practices in the West for people in the East. 

This list is hard to stomach with your morning breakfast, especially when there isn’t much any one person can do. But we can know about it and it can put global politics in perspective for all of us and that is not nothing. 

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The Man In The Cloth Mask

credit: giphy

new study suggests that people are more attractive when you can’t see most of their face. Specifically, the study showed that people are rated as more attractive when wearing a mask than when they are not. 

Researchers asked people to evaluate attractiveness of people with a face mask and without. Subjects were rated higher when they wore the masks and subjects who wore cloth masks were rated higher than subjects who wore cloth masks. 

Researchers attribute this to our positive association with masks as something for doctors or other high achievers. Hm. It could also be because masks cover many manner of flaws such as: braces, pimples, cold sores and a scar from when I had a mole removed from my nose last year. 

Tesla Charges Out of China

credit: ap

Tesla has taken a step in reducing its dependence on Chinese materials to make their electric vehicles. The company will now source graphite from mines in Mozambique. 

The move will hardly be a speed bump for China because, as the Associated Press points out, “China has plenty of markets for its graphite, including increased domestic electric vehicle production.” 

This just shows how much we need them so much more than they need us and that is upsetting but this deal is at least a step to wean the Western world off of the teat of Chinese exports.

News By The Numbers

$1.25. That is the new average price of items at the Dollar Tree and shoppers are beside themselves about it. 

4. That is how many short-range missiles North Korea has fired this year alone. We’re in the third week of January. 

1%. That is how much of the British economy will disappear due to climate change in the year 2045 according to a government analysis. 

$31 trillion. That is how much of the gross domestic product of 576 major cities will be lost due to climate change, according to research by the World Economic Forum. 

40%. That is the percentage of guns that are used by Central American criminals that are made in the U.S. and exported legally and then “diverted” for nefarious uses, according to the Government Accountability Office, a Congressional watchdog group.

What's Trending?

giphy.gif credit: wapost

JFK Jr. is trending because some people believe that he is not dead and will re-emerge on the public scene to run as Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024. 

Moon Knight is trending because an official trailer was released for the upcoming Disney+ show as well as a release date of March 30. We also get our first real look at Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow. Do you think it a coincidence that it was released on the evening of a real full moon? 

Jim Carrey is trending because Monday was the actor’s 60th birthday. He posted this Tweet about it. 

Joss Whedon is trending because of this Vulture article in which he talks about being canceled by the cancel culture for misogyny. 

At 22 is trending because of this Tweet where a young person asks what people wish they’d known when they were 22 years old. I wish I’d kept my leather pants because of course they’d come back in style! 

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