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Happy Friday.

#FriendsReunion is trending because HBO confirmed that the Friends Reunion will launch on May 27. They were ON A BREAK! But now they’re back! 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🍺 A Florida woman says she was arrested for public drunkenness only because everyone was jealous that her body looked so good. It’s a tyranny. 

🪲 In Maine, schools will now be required to disclose what pesticides students are exposed to when schools use them on school grounds. 

👩🏻‍🚒 A 12-year-old boy experienced every 12-year-old’s nightmare when he was trapped in quicksand and had to be rescued by firefighters. 

✈️ The new Air Force One will be delayed due to supply issues with Boeing. 

Coronavirus Update: 😷 Total confirmed cases as of 6:15 p.m. ET on Thursday: 32,844,759 — Total deaths: 584,346 — Total tests: 446,869,066

  • People are dreading returning to the office after the pandemic because they will miss pooping at home
  • The CDC now says that vaccinated people can now go maskless indoors and outdoors
  • There is a Covid outbreak amongst the New York Yankees even though the players were fully vaccinated. 
  • New Covid cases in the U.S. declined by 21% from the previous week to a low not reported since last September.
  • One in five women in the UK were forced to wear a mask during labor despite government guidance saying that they should not have to. 
  • In Florida, the to-go alcohol orders that were allowed during the pandemic are now permanent. The Governor has also promised to pardon anyone charged with violating Covid safety measures. 

In Case You Missed This






Did you catch it? Clayton sat down with Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to talk about crypto, gold and the decline of the US Dollar. Click here to check it out over your coffee. And I'll see you at 9 AM Eastern on our live show.


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The Lead: An Economic Bounce Back

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The stock market bounced back on Thursday after a three-day belly flop. It seems investors got a little jumpy with concerns of inflation but they’ve settled their nerves and moved on. 

  • The Colonial Pipeline has begun to catch up gas shortages after admitting that it did pay the $5 million ransom that hackers demanded when they crippled the system. 
  • Shares of AMC jumped 23% and GameStop jumped 13%. Reddit users can take some responsibility for pushing those up with a user frenzy using the hashtag #AMCSqueeze. AMC announced that it had raised $438 million in capital to help the company rise from the ashes of the pandemic. 
  • Bitcoin continues to falter after Elon Musk’s Tweet about its carbon footprint but, as expected, that turned investors onto alternate coins and Dogecoin surged as a result. 

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Forget Your Credit Score

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Banks are looking for a way around using credit scores by developing their own way to evaluate consumers using checking and savings account history. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, US Bank and others will share customer bank account information in order to help one another evaluate customers. Banks are also considering working with data aggregators to consider applicants' history in paying rent and utility bills. This will help people who have not established credit but are otherwise financially responsible. 

If a bank can compile a person’s financial activity that is not based on past debt, they can offer them products such as mortgages, car loans and credit cards. This has not been possible before without a credit score but it makes sense. A person should not be punished for not having used debt in their lives. 

This is a major step away from the big three credit reporting agencies. The President has also hinted that he would like to establish a federal financial database that sidesteps these agencies too. Taken together, this could be the writing on the wall for those businesses.

Go Street Racer, Go! 
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You know what has had a comeback? Street racing. As in “Rebel Without A Cause” type teenage muscle car races. 

Closed-down towns and wide-open roads have given young people the idea to race their cars. One woman died in Atlanta when she was hit by a Dodge Challenger that was racing and many racers have died or been seriously injured. 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a law that mandates at least 10 days of jail time for racing convictions. In New York City, authorities received more than 1,000 drag racing complaints in just six months, which was a five-fold increase. 

So tell your kids, car racing is not for amateurs. It is dangerous and stupid. Tell them what actually happened to James Dean or show them “Rebel Without a Cause.” Or show them the Paula Abdul “Rush, Rush” adaptation if you’re pressed for time. 

News By The Numbers

$70.4 million. That is how much an original Monet sold for in New York on Tuesday. 

£10,000. That is how much one pregnant woman is charging people to watch her give birth on a live stream on OnlyFans. Hard pass. 

226. That is how many alligators Disney has removed from its Disney World property in Orlando since the 2016 death of a two-year-old boy. 

12. That is how many students out of 900 graduated from the experimental online-only community college in California. Over 40% dropped out. A lawmaker is calling for the school to be shut down because 12 out of 900 is pretty lousy. 

Benched Freshmen 

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Pennsylvania State University will no longer use the terms “freshmen,” “sophomore,” “junior” or “senior” to distinguish grade level. These are gendered words and the school Senate voted them out

Instead, students will be referred to by their year: first-year, second-year, and so on. “Underclassmen” and “upperclassmen” will be replaced by the terms “lower division” and “upper division.” 

Before you roll your eyes about the cancel culture here, consider how simple this is and how little is lost. Research has shown that women score lower on standardized tests when they are asked to check a Male/Female box. Men do not. Language is powerful and reminding people of any rank or preference, past or present, has consequences. We expect this ranking nomenclature will become increasingly prevalent and we applaud it. 

Taking A Cat Nap

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Is it good for you to sleep with your pet? Research shows that it can be! 

We tried to crate train Grover to sleep in his own bed but that effort was a bust. He sleeps next to Clayton like the territorialist that he is! 

It turns out, it could be for the best. Research from PetMD shows that people who sleep with their pets have more relaxed sleep, less insomnia and fewer nightmares. It is just like how our children sleep with stuffed loveys! 

There are potential risks of sleeping with a pet such as the risk that they spread diseases such as ringworm or ticks but this risk is the same when you play or sit with them. 

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