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Good Tuesday Morning. Today is National No Bra Day. I don’t have anything to say about that. Just wanted you to be aware.

In Today’s Newsletter:

  • Trump caves to billionaires on evictions
  • People are eating on airplanes… there’s more to this story.
  • Black holes can rip stars apart


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This Just In

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  • Opening statements began on Monday for the Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. It was as expected. Democrats are mad as snakes about it. Republicans are digging their heels in.
  • Johnson & Johnson has paused its Covid vaccine trials after a participant experienced an unexplained illness.
  • The California GOP is told to stop putting up makeshift ballot drop boxes.
  • Apple is expected to launch a new 5G iPhone at its streaming press conference today.

Coronavirus Update: Total confirmed U.S. cases as of 3 a.m. ET: 7,804,336 — Total deaths: 215,086 — Total recoveries: 3,106,728

  • China is testing 9 million people in the city of Quingdao due to a new Covid outbreak.
  • So much for that herd immunity thing. A man in Nevada is said to have caught Covid twice and the second time was worse.

Trump Caves on Evictions

Maricop County Constable carrying out an eviction (credit: john moore/getty images)

The ban on evictions is on unsure footing as landlords challenge its legality in federal and state courts.

President Trump’s executive order put a hold on evictions until the end of the year. Groups representing landlords have challenged his right to do so and new guidelines appear to have given these landlords the go-ahead. The CDC and the Justice Department said on Friday that landlords can begin the eviction process during the moratorium. This will mean that some landlords will have evictions approved but states will not enforce them until the ban ends in January.

States going alone

Some states such as Michigan are trying to help landlords stay afloat until they can get paying tenants by offering financial assistance.

We are now seeing how this uneven response is proving to be an inconsistent solution. Many tenants have no unemployment aid or hope of returning to a regular income. Many landlords have no way to pay their mortgages and property taxes. States are crunched for cash as a result of lost tax revenue. See how this butterfly effect is playing out before our very eyes!

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The EU Takes Action Against Russia

credit: votewatch.eu

The EU has agreed to impose sanctions against Russian officials who it believes poisoned and killed Alexei Navalny, an opposition leader. The sanctions will include a travel ban and asset freeze for Belarus officials that were believed to have been involved.

European officials believe that Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, a weapon of choice for Russian assassinations. Russia denies this and has asked for more evidence from Germany, which is where Navalny died in August.

News By The Numbers

credit: independent

215 million light-years. That is how “close” a black hole was to earth that scientists observed eating a star. The “tidal disruption event” cast a rare blast of light that could be seen by telescope when the star got too close to the black hole and was shredded into thin strips in a process called “spaghettification.”

$4.9 billion. That is how much money Amtrak told Congress that it needs in federal funding in order to survive the pandemic.

$23 million. That is how much the remodeled bathrooms cost on the International Space Station. Previous toilets were not made for sitting, which means that they were especially inconvenient for lady astronauts. The new toilets were made for all human anatomies to do #1 or #2 at the same time.

Gone Phishing For Your Credit Card Info

giphy.gif credit: getty

Beware of fake texts sending updates about packages. These are reportedly phishing schemes, designed to either infect your devices with malware or get personal information out of you.

Users are reporting texts that seem to be from USPS, FedEx, and UPS with links to tracking information. They click this, thinking, “Oh, what did I order again?” They are then sent forms to fill out where they are asked for sensitive information such as credit card information or social security numbers.

If you receive these texts, do not blindly click links. Instead, go back to check the order status through email confirmations. And if you mistakenly do click these links, do not input any personal data to receive a tracking confirmation!

Black Home Owners Pay More

credit: marketplace.org

Black homeowners pay over $13,000 more for homeownership than their white neighbors, according to a new study out of MIT. This gap can result in up to $67,000 in lost retirement savings for Black families.

The paper points out that Black families often pay more in mortgages due to higher interest rates and fees, homeowners insurance, and property taxes. The difference between an average mortgage and a Black family’s mortgage was $743 per year on average. The paper also found that Black families were not as successful as other families at applying for a refinance, costing them an extra $475 per year.

“That Black-white income gap of $25,800 is exacerbated by this ‘Black tax’ on homeownership,” the study’s author says.

The Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard

credit: singapore airlines

People are so desperate to get on airplanes that they’re willing to dine on them, even if they don’t ever leave the jetway. Singapore Airlines is turning its grounded airplanes into restaurants later this month. Reservations booked up in just 30 minutes.

Normally eating on an airplane is an inconvenience but in this case, it is a pandemic experience. Customers can choose from a tiered menu, priced from $39 to $474. The original plan was to serve this meal on a short flight to nowhere but the actual flying part had to be scrapped. Now it’s just a meal on a seat back tray table.

Imagine going through airport security just to eat in a cramped space. We’ve all lost our minds.

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