🌞 Lockdown 2.0 – October 28 2020


Happy Wednesday. Grover tried to mess with some black cats this close to Halloween. Bad move.


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In Case You Missed It. 

⚾️ The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series on Wednesday, just two innings after one of their players found out he had a positive Covid test and left the dugout, leaving an awkward and muted celebration.

⚧ Tampax got a lot of attention this week for Tweeting that “not all people with periods are women,” sparking a gender debate. Psst. Get a menstrual cup.

🆒 A new study shows that your first language determines how easily you will learn a second language.

🚑 Doctors are recommending colon cancer screening start at age 45 rather than 50.

🗣 Coronavirus Update:  Total confirmed cases U.S. as of 3 a.m. 8,779,653 — Total deaths: 226,723 — Total recoveries: 3,487,666

🇪🇸 Researchers in Spain found that 80% of Covid patients that were hospitalized had a Vitamin D deficiency.

📉 The stock market continued to dive on Tuesday as Covid cases continue up and not down and no government stimulus is on the horizon.

In Today’s Newsletter:

  • Trump hacked
  • Justice Barrett asked to sit this one out
  • Fast WiFi no matter where you live, yep.


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Well, Recuuuuuuussssssseeeeee Me


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Justice Amy Coney Barrett has already been asked to recuse herself over a case in Pennsylvania due to her conflict of interest from the President.

The case at hand is a dispute over mail-ballot extensions in Pennsylvania. The County Board of Elections has filed a motion asking that Coney Barrett be off of the case because of the “language President Trump has used in consideration of [her appointment], linking it directly to the electoral season at hand, with implications for his own re-election.”

Typically a judge is not forced to recuse, but does so on honor. So it’s up to her.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party is trying to reverse the state’s extension of time for mail-in ballots, allowing ballots to be counted until November 6 if they are postmarked on Election Day.

Trump’s Website Hacked

credit: nbc

President Trump’s campaign website was hacked on Tuesday night and replaced with a threatening message that said “this site was seized.”

The message is full of grammar and spelling errors, accusing the Trump administration of being “involved in the origin of the corona virus.” [sic] It threatened to expose information from multiple devices.

The President’s people were able to take control of the site back and restore it without the hacked message and law enforcement claims to be investigating the source.

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Technology: WiFi Everywhere

credit: starlink

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is going to offer world-wide WiFi from its Starlink satellites. This means that you could use your own WiFi from space-dwelling satellites rather than your local cable or fiber provider.

Pricing was released this week. It will cost $99 per month plus a $499 upfront charge for the equipment. It is only available in the US and Canada for now but is set to expand to other countries next year.

Imagine having no wiring to a node in your city and having no cable guy to wait for to come to install your connection! We don’t know if SpaceX is willing to fight with customers, since we are accustomed to fighting with our current cable companies but we hope they can disrupt this part of the service too.

News By The Numbers


credit: autoblog

88 mph. That is how fast a flying car called the Samson Sky has to go to take off into the air. And when it does, “you’re going to see some serious shit.”

130 feet. That is how high up former paratrooper John Bream was when he attempted a world record of jumping from air to sea without a parachute. Guinness is still verifying the feat.

3,400%. That is how much demand for certain household goods have spiked from this time last year due to the pandemic, an indicator that people are stock-piling once again due to rising cases, looming lockdowns, and the coming holidays.

200. That is how many dogs have been rescued from South Korea’s meat trade. The Humane Society is looking to find them homes.

4,400 pounds. That is how much Gluten Free Battered Halibut was recalled by Trader Joe’s because the product was found to contain wheat and dairy.

You’re On Your Own Mr. President


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A federal judge has ruled that President Trump is still the defendant of a rape case and not the United States of America.

Government lawyers have taken over arguing the case for the President in which a woman accused him of rape. Taxpayers are paying said lawyers. These lawyers had argued that the case should not be versus Donald Trump but rather versus the US Government because Trump had been forced to respond to her lawsuit to prove he was fit for the job. I don’t really get that.

Federal law does make it hard to sue a government employee but the President “is not an employee,” ruled the judge. “Even if he were such an employee, [his] allegedly defamatory statements concerning [the plaintiff] would not have been within the scope for his employment.”

Go Plant a Tree


credit: archimede

new study shows that “restorative planting” can help combat air pollution. This means that simply planting more trees and shrubs could reduce air pollution by up to 27%.

The study looked at various counties to see which had low percentages of vegetation. They found that bringing those counties to match the average of surrounding counties could remove pollutants from the air by an average of 27%. So literally the plants fight the battle!

Not surprisingly, they also found that this was a more affordable solution than any existing technology.

Bitchin’ E-Hog Man


credit: Serial 1

Harley Davidson announced that it would create an entirely new company to produce its long-awaited electric bicycle. The company is called the Serial 1 Cycle Company and the first model will be called Serial Number One.

The Serial Number One was the name of the original Harley Davidson motorcycle, produced in 1904. Images of the new version were released this week and they’re pretty cool, man!

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