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Happy Thursday. 

A Wall Street Journal investigation found that TikTok serves up hundreds of videos about sex and drugs to young teens due to its algorithm. Be careful out there! 

In Case You Missed It

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πŸš— Prince Andrew hopped in a car and drove 500 miles to Balmoral, Scotland to avoid being served with ‘sexual assault’ papers. 

⚾️ Yankees legend Derek Jeter was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame

🐾 The team from iRobot says they ‘guarantee’ their new Roomba vacuum will avoid dog poop. This is the kind of advancement in technology the world needs. 

βœ‚ Confederate General Robert E. Lee was defeated once again in Virginia. This time his statue was removed and chopped up into pieces. 

πŸ• Italy has legalized growing small amounts of cannabis in your own home.  

​​​​Coronavirus Update: πŸ—£Total confirmed cases as of 12 p.m. ET on Wednesday: 40,297,130 — Total deaths: 650,947

  • Idaho has had to resort to “rationed care” in hospitals overwhelmed by Covid patients. This means that not every patient gets what they need because hospitals have to prioritize. 
  • The World Health Organization has asked wealthier countries to pause Covid booster shots in order to make vaccines available to poorer nations at least until the end of the year. 
  • United Airlines will put employees who cite religious exemption from the Covid vaccine on unpaid leave.
  • Qantas will ban unvaccinated passengers from all international flights. 
  • A new study shows that young people who recover from Covid did not have lasting damage to their lungs.
  • The White House will announce new Covid procedures and rules for unvaccinated people today.














*stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00am ET.

  • Markets: There's a lot of red in the markets. U.S. stock futures ticked lower ahead of an update on the number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits. S&P 500 futures declined 0.4% and futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.4%. 


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The Lead: Biden v. Texas

credit: wh.gov

The Justice Department is planning to sue the state of Texas over its new abortion law and the suit could be filed as early as today, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has said that the department was working quickly and urgently to protect women’s rights in Texas and prevent other states from instating any similar laws. But even a lawsuit is no easy win. Experts say that because the law is not written to punish women for abortions, but rather to empower private citizens to sue anyone connected to abortion, the lawsuit cannot be filed on behalf of women. The Justice Department would be suing on behalf of would-be lawsuit filers, which doesn’t really work. 

Congress is also working to pull back the Texas law with legislation that would protect abortion rights but it is not likely to pass the Senate. 

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Stealthing On The Rise

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California lawmakers approved a bill to make “stealthing” illegal. This is the practice of removing a condom during intercourse without the permission of one's partner. 

The bill adds “stealthing” to the list of the state’s sexual battery crimes and allows victims to sue the perpetrator for damages. The damages could also be punitive, meaning that the defendant would not only have to pay for the resulting costs but also pay large fines meant to punish and deter this act. 

This bill was the project of Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia who claims that stealthing is on the rise against both women and gay men. Apparently, there are online communities that encourage and tutor people on how to do this. That is gross. And now illegal. 

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News By The Numbers

credit: irish post

25. That is how many critically endangered goats will be employed to eat up dry shrubbery in one Irish county in order to prevent wildfires.

£320,000. That is how much a 900-year-old porcelain bowl sold for at auction because it turned out to be a rare Chinese relic. 

85%. That is the percentage of men who become sterile after taking Ivermectin. It is a drug often used on animals but sometimes used to treat humans for river blindness and other medical conditions. Some have promoted it as a curative for Covid but doctors refute this and point out that it can also cause infertility. 

There She Is, Miss America Optimal

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The Miss America pageant is changing the standards by which it judges women who compete. Instead of judging the ladies’ physical appearance, they will now judge based on “women's wellness as being based on optimal health.” 

Okay. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for having the best of intentions. What does “optimal health” look like exactly? Does it wear an evening gown in a certain way? Does it include mental health, meaning that contestants will be screened to be sure that they did not participate in unhealthy means to compete? Will they report BMI and echocardiograms? 

The pageant has already eliminated the swimsuit competition. The announcement to focus on women’s health comes with a partnership with the SANESolution wellness program.  

Stop, Frisk, and Follow

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Los Angeles Police Officers are instructed to collect information from social media accounts of every person they interview, suspect or not, according to newly-obtained documents

Interview cards have places for the police to notate information about users' accounts after a little app surfing and were warned by the police chief that their cards would be reviewed for completion. 

The organization that found these documents, the Brennan Center for Justice, says that no other police agency does this and raised concerns about privacy. If you are concerned about this, it may be a good time to set your accounts to private and not accept friend requests from @LAPD.

Some Cocaine With Your Pills? 

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As if opioids were not bad enough, now they come laced with other things such as cocaine. Police have reported a string of hospitalizations and deaths from these new science experiments from drug users. 

It was already commonplace to mix fentanyl with heroin to make it stronger but the addition of cocaine has made it even more dangerous and caused overdoses to people who did not know that they were partaking in fentanyl. They thought they were just doing good ole’ cocaine. 

Police suggest that users keep fentanyl test strips with them if they plan to partake in these drugs. Responsible advice for people struggling with addiction. Helpful, thanks.  

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