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Happy Monday.


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In Case You Missed It.

🤦 Jenna Ryan, the Texas realtor who joined the capitol riots, says she’s definitely not going to jail because she has white skin and blonde hair.


🔥 Indonesia is fighting to control the fire from a massive oil refinery explosion today.


🤴🏻 Prince William was named the Sexiest Bald Man Alive and Twitter freaked out in protest.


✈️ Southwest Airlines is “fully addressing” a recording of a pilot discussing how much he despises Bay Area residents as “liberal f——s” as he was landing there.


🥂 Former President Trump gave a lamenting political speech as a wedding toast at Mar-a-Lago. It was not romantic.


🇳🇿 New Zealand has authorized paid time off for parents who have suffered a miscarriage or stillborn birth.


Coronavirus Update: 😷 Total confirmed cases as of 5:45 p.m. ET on Saturday: 30,208,378 — Total deaths: 548,800 — Total tests: 386,249,196



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Join us on today’s live morning show. Companies around the world are seeing prices rise and President Biden is set to announce two new stimulus bills this week. We’ll be analyzing all the details. Click here to RSVP and I’ll see you at 9 AM Eastern.

The Lead: Get Ready To Pay More For Everything


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Inflation is becoming an increasing concern, and not just because of the bottleneck in the Suez Canal. The container ship that has been stuck there, holding up a major trade route, has been partially freed as of Monday but that is not the only backlog in global supply chains.


Manufacturers are saying that labor and raw material costs are on the rise and they will have to pass those rising costs on to consumers. For instance, toymaker Mattel said that the costs of plastics were already on the rise but “exacerbated by the winter storm in Texas that took petrochemicals plants offline.”


Inflation occurs when prices of goods go up and salaries do not, meaning that a population’s buying power is decreased. This is partially due to the economic recovery that is predicted. It may feel counterintuitive but experts predict that inflation will rise as the economy recovers. Great for business. Not great for consumers.

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COVID-19: An Origin Story


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The Associated Press has published a report about the origins of Covid from the World Health Organization together with China. The study says that the virus was very likely a transmission “from bats to humans through another animal” and that the theories about Covid coming from a laboratory leak is “extremely unlikely.”


The AP could not confirm if this is the final draft of this report, which was already delayed, causing some to concern that China was up to something fishy with its data reporting. The report gives four possible scenarios for the Covid-19 outbreak including transmission through an animal and “cold-chain” food products because some Covid samples were found on frozen food packages.


According to the AP, “the researchers proposed further research in every area except the lab leak hypothesis.” Interesting.

Putting Pen to Paper


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Does writing something down on paper help your brain learn it better than typing it out on a screen? A Japanese study suggests that this is the case.


In the study, participants were asked to write things down using either a paper notebook, a tablet, or a smartphone. The group that used paper experienced increased brain activity related to memory and language processing.


“Paper notebooks are more useful for thinking and generating creative ideas,” the lead researcher said.


So don’t give up on that analog journal yet!

News By The Numbers


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$392,000. That is the annual salary for the highest-paid lifeguard in Los Angeles County. His name is not David Hasselhoff.


$121.8 million. That is how much “Godzilla vs. Kong” made at the box office in its first opening weekend overseas.


122. That is how many offers a home in California received in just one weekend on the market.


100 years. That is how long we are safe from the Apophis asteroid, according to NASA. Researchers had previously feared the asteroid could hit earth in the year 2068 but now they say that this “is not in the realm of possibility any more.” Phew!

Crypto Gains a New Partner


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Visa will now accept cryptocurrency as payment for credit card bills.


The company will partner with Crypto.com to accept payments in USD Coin, which is a digital currency linked to the U.S. dollar. Mastercard already works with some cryptocurrencies.


This is different from a Crypto.com Visa card, which requires users to convert their cryptocurrency to dollars in order to make a payment. Now users can pay their bills directly from a cryptocurrency wallet.


Just last week Tesla founder Elon Musk said that customers could also buy one of the company’s electric vehicles with cryptocurrency.

The Walking Dead


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You’re getting sleepy…


Actually, you are already sleepy. According to a new study, only one in 10 people feel rested when they wake up in the morning. The other nine are getting through their day like zombies.


Part of the problem is time. Most people simply don’t sleep enough, reporting an average of only five hours per night. Many blame stress for their inability to sleep.

People who did report getting enough sleep were more likely to be extroverted and less prone to letting stress get to them.


The study says that 68% of respondents made a resolution to sleep better in 2021. How’s that working out for you?

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