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Happy Tuesday.

A company that makes drones has scrapped plans to equip them with tazers because the world doesn’t need that right now. The taser-shooting drones were a concept the company came up with to address school shootings. 

credit: ap

In Case You Missed It. 

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ The U.K. says it will send long-range missiles to Ukraine. The U.S. has vaccinated on the range of missiles it will send. 

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ The U.K. also gets to keep its Prime Minister as Boris Johnson won a vote of confidence in parliament on Monday. 

πŸ’» Apple announced all kinds of new features for iPhone, iPad, Watch and Mac plus a new MacBook Air and Macbook Pro.

πŸ₯ Elon Musk is threatening to end his acquisition of Twitter, accusing the company of being super shady about data requests and fake accounts. 

πŸ—Ί A judge in Louisiana blocked the state’s new voting map which gave Republicans a significant election advantage. 

πŸŽ“ Kyle Rittenhouse says he will be attending Texas A&M University. Texas A&M University says he isn’t

😳 A new cancer trial yielded unbelievable results with 100% total remission for all participants. 

Covid Update 😷:














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The Lead: Summit of the Americas

Mexican president López Obrador credit: afp

The Summit of the Americas began on Monday in Los Angeles but it is not going smoothly. 

This year the United States was able to set the guest list given that they are the host. The Biden administration chose to exclude certain countries that didn't live up to America's "democratic" standards and that did not go over well. The President of Mexico, who was originally scheduled to attend, decided not to at the last minute in protest of the exclusions. 

The U.S. did not invite leaders from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela due to its concerns about democracy in those nations. Also, the President of Venezuela is under indictment in the U.S. so it is unclear how he would have come anyway. 

Mexican President López Obrador said, “There cannot be a summit if all countries are not invited."

Other participants are accusing the U.S. of phoning it in for this summit and saying that it is indicative of the U.S. lack of focus on Latin America. 

Chaos in Nigeria

credit: ap

An awful massacre happened on Sunday in Nigeria when several gunmen barricaded inside a Catholic Church and opened fire, killing at least 50. 

The church was Catholic but the service at the time of the shooting was Pentecostal. Nigeria has had a problem with militant Islam as of late but this attack was in Ondo, which is known as one of Nigeria’s more peaceful states. 

Details of this attack are horrific. The Associated Press reports that the gunmen locked the church doors but also stationed attackers outside of the building to shoot anyone who might escape. The victims include the elderly and children. 

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Take a Closer Look at the Bill

credit: istock

You may notice fees on your restaurant bill for things like “noncash adjustment,” “fuel surcharge” or “kitchen appreciation.” What are these charges? 

They are creative ways to say: Inflation

The Wall Street Journal reports that restaurants have had to get creative in passing down the higher costs of doing business to their customers. Raising prices is just not going to cut it. 

Macaroni Grill’s website admits that the restaurant will be adding a $2 fee to every bill “to offset macroeconomic pressures.” It makes you think twice about going out for just one drink if your inflation fee is flat, doesn’t it? 

Will these fees cut into servers’ tips? TBD. If you can afford not to stiff your waiter, try not to!  

Pop Gun

credit: giphy

Movie theaters are worried that they may run out of popcorn this summer, just when people are coming back to theaters for the summer blockbuster season. 

Great Scott! 

Not only have farmers not been able to supply the same amount of kernels, the actual popcorn containers are also in short supply because, according to the Wall Street Journal, the “sheen linings that keep butter grease from seeping out are in short supply.” 

Well, allow me to offer this solution. Since I have three children and buying them each a tub of popcorn costs about the same as a week’s worth of groceries, I buy one large tub of popcorn and bring reusable snack bags for the children to use to divvy it up. The bags do not seep grease and are not single-use. I *may* also sneak in a bag of M&M’s to add to said bags. It’s a victimless crime. 

News By The Numbers

Double. That is how much gas prices have gone up since President Biden took office.

7,000. That is how many Native American people's remains are reportedly in the possession of Harvard University, despite a federal law that requires that the university not have these. 

800%. That is how much more funding the UN needs for climate disasters than it needed 20 years ago. 

What's Trending?

giphy.gif credit: nypost

Prince Louis is again trending for being naughty at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant on Sunday. Every mother who has wondered how the Duchess stays so put together while mothering three children reveled in this bit of normalcy. 

Bon Jovi is trending because Alec John Such, a founding member of the band, has died at the age of 70. 

Amazon Stock is trending because the company announced a 20-to-1 stock split. 

Cybertruck is trending because images and video of the Tesla Cybertruck appeared online on Monday. 

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