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Saturn and Jupiter credit: getty

In Case You Missed It. 

⭐️ Jupiter and Saturn will align closely on December 21, creating a “Christmas Star” in the sky, the first in 800 years. Be sure to make a wish!  

👨🏼‍⚖️ Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse will be tried for murder as a court rejected his lawyer’s claim that he killed people in self-defense. 

🎮 A man in Taiwan had to sell his PS5 after his wife found out that it was not actually an air purifier. 

🇳🇦 A politician named Adolph Hitler has won the election for council member in Namibia. He is not a Nazi. 

Coronavirus Update: 😷 Total confirmed U.S. cases as of 7 p.m. ET Thursday: 14,102,568 — Total deaths: 275,729 — Total recoveries: 5,322,128

  • Congress says that they are close to a stimulus package because they have agreed on an amount. They have not yet agreed on the policies that go along with it.
  • President-elect Joe Biden has asked Dr. Anthony Fauci to stay on as the top infectious disease expert when he takes office. 
  • A World War II veteran recovered from Covid in time to celebrate his 104th birthday. 
  • Costa Rica has signed on to start administering Covid vaccines from Pfizer next year. 
  • California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued another stay-at-home order for the next three weeks. 


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The Lead: China’s Super Soldiers

credit: giphy

China has been testing on human soldiers to turn them into super-soldiers, à la Captain America. This sounds kind of awesome but U.S. intelligence doesn’t think it’s awesome.

The Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe penned an article in the Wall Street Journal warning about the global threat of China and it is terrifying, and not just because of the super soldiers.

“U.S. intelligence shows that China has even conducted human testing on members of the People’s Liberation Army in the hope of developing soldiers with biologically enhanced capabilities,” writes Ratcliffe. “There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s pursuit of power.”

Why it matters

Ratcliffe alleges that China’s intent is to dominate the world “economically, militarily, and technologically.” They use state-run companies to buy up companies in other countries. They install spies in science and tech companies and pay them to send information to China. They influence politicians to support Beijing’s interests. These are just a few of his allegations.

Ratcliffe says that he has shifted $85 billion in intelligence budget to address the increasing threat of China and asks other world leaders to turn their focus on opposing this global power too.

The Director of National Intelligence serves by appointment of the President so it is not clear how long Ratcliffe will be in this role. This article could be seen as his final call to arms before leaving office with the Trump Administration. 

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Wait, You’ve Been Sitting On This Info?


credit: getty

The Justice Department has handed over information to assist in reuniting migrant families with their separated children. Apparently, they’ve had this all along but did not bother to hand it over until recently.

There are more than 600 children whose parents have yet to be found since they were separated at the border. A U.S. District Judge ordered that these families be reunited, but lawyers have had a hard time with so little information to go on. On Wednesday, they informed the court that this new data, which includes things like phone numbers, will move this effort along greatly. 

Ya think!? 

China Lands On The Moon

credit: morning invest

Speaking of China, the Chang’e 5 spacecraft has successfully touched down on the moon and collected its lunar samples. The craft streamed footage of its landing. 

The drilling and collection are just about complete. Next, the craft will be launched from the moon, back into orbit, and begin its return with its lunar loot. If all goes according to plan, the craft should return to China by December 16. 

News By The Numbers

credit: promenade2035.com

$1 billion. That is the cost of a new “mini city” that was approved by the Los Angeles City Council, slated to be built by 2035 west of the San Fernando Valley. 

$2,000. That was the tip a man left his waitress in Texas but when the restaurant tried to run the credit card it was declined.

$2 billion. That is how much the ski resort industry lost when the ski season was cut short due to Covid last year. Resorts are planning to open their mountains this season with mask mandates, distancing requirements, and limited capacities. 

$388 million. That is how much Walmart is planning to pay in holiday bonuses, which will include $300 per full-time employee and $150 per part-time employee. Some say that is hardly enough given that Walmart’s starting wage is $11 per hour, compared to its competitors’ $15 per hour. Plus, $388 million is less than 25% of the company’s profit last quarter. 

Do Not Disturb

giphy.gifcredit: getty

The Federal Trade Commission is warning about fake robocalls from Apple and Amazon asking people for personal information such as credit card or login information. Don’t fall for this.

Both calls have a woman’s robotronic voice asking you to press 1 to speak to a representative. Don’t do that. Audio of both robocalls can be found on the FTC’s post about it. If you receive these or anything like it, report it here

Honey, I’ll Make The Popcorn

giphy.gifMatrix credit: warner brothers

Warner Brothers will release all of its movies online and in theaters at the same time in 2021. After a year of expensive failed theatrical releases, the studio does not want to take any more chances.

The online releases will come out on HBO Max but only for the month that they are in theaters. The head of AMC, the largest movie theater chain, is predictably not happy about this. He says he agreed to do this for “Wonder Woman 1984” at Christmas as a one-time thing. But he had to know that this writing was on the wall. 

Warner has 17 films scheduled for release next year and they include “Matrix 4,” “Dune,” and “Godzilla vs. Kong.” 

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