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🐯 An exotic African cat was found roaming the streets of Las Vegas on Tuesday.

🏈 Tom Brady has so many Super Bowl trophies he is getting a little careless with them. He threw his most recent one from his boat during a parade and Rob Gronkowski caught it. Show offs.


🛷 A 16 year-old girl died in a sledding accident this weekend while trying to save her 3 year-old cousin. Please let this serve as a reminder to sled safely and wear helmets.


📻 Country singer Morgan Wallen has seen a bump in his record sales after a video leaked in which he uses a racial slur.


🇲🇲 More arrests have been made in the Myanmar military coup and the U.S. announced a plan for sanctions on the country.


🔥 Actress Gina Carano was fired from “The Mandalorian” after she shared a post on social media saying that having different political views was akin to being a victim of the Jewish Holocaust.


Coronavirus Update: 🗣Total confirmed U.S. cases as of 11 a.m. ET Tuesday: 27,100,086 — Total deaths: 465,096— Total tests: 321,856,938


The Lead: Impeachment Day 2


Rep. Jamie Ruskin credit: Getty

Former President Trump’s impeachment lawyers pointed out that Democrats too have often used the saying “fight” or “fight back” or “fight like hell” and they did not start a riot. They brought Tweets from Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin and President Joe Biden


At issue is the fact that the President told his supporters to “fight” just before the Capitol riots and his lawyers are making the case that he meant that figuratively.

While arguing for impeachment, Texas congressman Joaquin Castro said that the President refused to stop any actual fighting, even when he was asked, and “left everyone in this Capitol for dead.”


Previously unseen video footage of the riot was played where it shows insurgents searching for former Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It also showed Senator Mitt Romney and Vice President Pence rushing for safety.

The former President’s lawyers have to respond to this but they did not seem daunted by it.


“I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know,” said Trump’s defense lawyer Bruce Castor.


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Cousin Lungfish


credit: Getty

Scientists used special technology to sequence DNA and have declared that the Australian lungfish is the closest living relative to humans that is currently alive.

The lungfish has existed for 400 million years and have not evolved in the last 100 million years. Scientists call it a “living fossil.” Lungfish can breathe air and use its fins like limbs, which can explain the evolution of animal life on land. Scientists want to study their natural habitat to put together more of this story.


Lungfish are a protected species. They can be mistaken for crocodiles because they can grow to up to 2-meters.

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Amsterdam’s Green Light District


Amsterdam stock exchange credit: reuters

Amsterdam is the new London as far as global markets are concerned. Now that England has voted itself out of Europe, trade has screeched to a halt. The Netherlands have happily taken that business, trading 9.2 billion euros per day in January, compared to London’s 8.6 billion euros.


The European Union’s headquarters in Brussels have long signaled that it did not want European trading to stay centered in London after Brexit. Switzerland can still trade with London, because, you know, neutrality and all. But the rest of Europe is making due just fine and England sure is missing that business.

Maverick Move


Mark Cuban credit: wsj

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, decided not to play the National Anthem before each basketball game due to the racial division it has caused in major league sports. The National Basketball Association now says that playing the song before a game is compulsory.


The Mavericks had not been playing it all season but it didn’t much matter because no one was in the stands. Now that a limited amount of fans are allowed, the league is taking issue with the silence.


Cuban says that his team will still not play it so he will likely face fines. But the NBA needs his team just as much as his team needs the NBA. They won’t be disenfranchised over this but there will be a battle of wills, which is Cuban’s speciality.

What is so wrong with the National Anthem? It has become a reminder for players of marginalized race and backgrounds that the freedom the song professes is not universal and American is not “the land of the free” for everybody. Cuban says that if shunning this song upsets you, you can take it up with your bosses and ask them to play it before your own workday.

News By The Numbers


credit: ap

$1 billion. That is how much United Airlines will spend to buy electrical vertical takeoff and land aircraft, also known as eVTOL, from startup Archer Aviation. These are smaller, more eco-friendly aircrafts that United will use for intra-city services.


$300,000. That is how much one woman won in the Idaho Lottery. The next day, she won again. The second time, her pot was $200,000.


-41.8 degrees. That was the temperature in Fahrenheit in Dawson Creek, British Columbia on Sunday night. One woman went to have some drinks with her next-door neighbor and died of exposure on the walk home because it was so cold.



credit: youtube

Micro-fishing is the latest craze in the fishing world. This has nothing to do with those films in the library that hold images of old newspaper. That’s microfiche.


Micro-fish are teeny tiny fish that can still be caught with a hook. Fishermen do this for the beauty of it, not because they provide a good meal, obviously. It’s like bird watching but for fishermen. They are seeking out tiny fish that are beautiful or interesting and they throw them back. It’s a peaceful pastime. For some.


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