A Country Divided

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Social scientists asked themselves this question: If a global pandemic could not unite Americans, is there any hope of unity at all?

So they devised a model to see if there was hope for the “United” States. Their model says there isn’t. Nope. Doomed.

“We see this very disturbing pattern in which a shock brings people a little bit closer initially . . . but if polarization is too extreme, eventually the effects of a shared fate are swamped by the existing divisions and people become divided even on the shock issue,” one of the researchers says. “If we reach that point, we cannot unite even in the face of war, climate change, pandemics, or other challenges to the survival of our society.”

Okay. Let’s try to avoid this. Here is a list of things we all agree with. Feel free to add your own and send it to us!

  • Pets are great.
  • Babies need to be held and loved.
  • Velvet gives me goosebumps and shouldn’t exist.
  • Wait, was the last one too political?

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