A Hidden Titanic Story

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Did you know that the scene from “Titanic” where Leonardo DiCaprio is found clinging to a wooden door was inspired by an actual survivor? The survivor was a young Chinese man and he was one of six Chinese men who survived the shipwreck.

new documentary called “The Six” highlights the experiences of the six men who survived the “Titanic” only to be deported immediately after arrival in the U.S. They were sent to Cuba and then on to the UK until an anti-immigration policy made them leave there too.

More than 700 people survived the Titanic and those stories are well documented but the reports of these six men were not. News reports barely mentioned their stories or if they did, they accused them of taking priority lifeboats or dressing as women to survive. There is no proof of this ever happening but anti-Asian sentiment was strong at that time. Movie producer James Cameron was a producer of this documentary that aims at telling these untold stories.




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