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A Minnesota State Senate candidate has brought new meaning to the term “heavy labor.”

Last Saturday, candidate Erin Maye Quade attended, gave a speech, and answered questions at the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party convention in the hopes of nabbing the party’s endorsement. She did it all while in labor.

Maye Quade’s contractions started at 2 am the day of the convention, according to her campaign manager, who did get them to start the convention a few hours earlier than planned. But you can’t stop a baby who is ready to come out, even if you’re giving a speech. Maye Quade apparently asked her opponent to suspend endorsing and go to a primary. He said he’d get back to her.

The baby came before he got around to it and Maye Quade had to drop out. It is possible she will still run in the primary without the endorsement.

There is no clear person to blame here, except for the expectation that nothing gets in the way of work. This goes double for women. ESPECIALLY pregnant women. Maye Quade’s situation crystallizes so much that’s wrong with the work-life balance in the U.S. and much of the world.

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