Alexa, Where Are My Missiles?

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Do you know all of those weapons the U.S. is sending into Ukraine? CNN reports that the U.S. has “few ways to track” it all, and that is a “conscious risk the Biden administration is willing to take.”

That is hundreds of millions of dollars of weaponry we are talking about.

“We have fidelity for a short time, but when it enters the fog of war, we have almost zero,” said one source briefed on US intelligence. “It drops into a big black hole, and you have almost no sense of it at all after a short period of time.”

CNN goes on to report: “Because the US military is not on the ground, the US and NATO are heavily reliant on information provided by Ukraine’s government. Privately, officials recognize that Ukraine has an incentive to give only information that will bolster their case for more aid, more arms and more diplomatic assistance.”

So officials recognize the danger and conflict yet continue to authorize more tax-payer-funded weaponry in hopes of bringing peace? Does anyone else see the flaw in this plan? Also, when has flooding a country with weapons ever worked out?

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