An Asprin A Day

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When it comes to taking low-dose aspirin every day for heart health, the bad might outweigh the good, especially for adults 60 and over.

The US Preventive Services Task Force is floating updated recommendations for daily aspirin intake for cardiovascular disease, or CVD, as the kids call it. The Task Force is taking public comments on the update until November 8.

The bulletin reads: “People ages 40 to 59 who are at higher risk for CVD and do not have a history of CVD should decide with their clinician whether to start taking aspirin. This is a C grade. People age 60 or older should not start taking aspirin for heart disease and stroke prevention. This is a D grade.”

Those grades are pretty much in line with what you remember from school. A C grade “depends on the patient’s situation” and a D grade is “not recommended.”

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