An Economic Bounce Back


The stock market bounced back on Thursday after a three-day belly flop. It seems investors got a little jumpy with concerns of inflation but they’ve settled their nerves and moved on.

  • The Colonial Pipeline has begun to catch up gas shortages after admitting that it did pay the $5 million ransom that hackers demanded when they crippled the system.
  • Shares of AMC jumped 23% and GameStop jumped 13%. Reddit users can take some responsibility for pushing those up with a user frenzy using the hashtag #AMCSqueeze. AMC announced that it had raised $438 million in capital to help the company rise from the ashes of the pandemic.
  • Bitcoin continues to falter after Elon Musk’s Tweet about its carbon footprint but, as expected, that turned investors onto alternate coins and Dogecoin surged as a result.

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