Are We Living In a Simulation?

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This story requires you to broaden your mind. It’s Monday, we know, but let’s have some fun.

Scientists would like to study alternate realities but they are limited to a sample size of 1. Unless you are Doctor Strange, you can only study the universe you live in.

That is why scientists developed the Uchuu simulation. It is being called the “most detailed simulation of the Universe ever made.” It can create alternate universe simulations to study how things such as dark matter and dark energy play out in our world. It does this by modeling the evolution of the Universe across over 13 billion years, observing the way dark matter behaves.

The program is a software beast that uses over 40,000 cores. The average computer has around 64 cores. This means your machine probably can’t run the Uchuu simulation but you can follow along with the project at

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