Biden’s Climate Power Grab

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President Biden announced a $2.3 billion spending package to help fight climate change. The money comes from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It will help Americans cope with heat waves, floods, droughts and other natural disasters that just keep coming.

The Biden Administration has been trying to pass legislation to do these things but Congress just won’t cooperate. The President did not declare a climate emergency, as some expected he would, which would give him a lot more executive power.

In addition to coping with the climate, the spending package includes projects to help invest in offshore wind and energy development and enforce workplace standards to protect workers from suffering from the elements.

This package is relatively small. Especially when put up against the $54 billion that the U.S. just sent to Ukraine for war. The U.S. says it will send even more on news that Russia is expanding its aim for land. The President says that this $2.3 billion is just the beginning and he will announce additional executive actions in the near future.

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