Build Back Nothing

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Democrats are not looking like they will pass a social spending bill this year at all now that sources say that Senator Joe Manchin will block any new package that “contains new spending on climate change or includes new tax increases targeting wealthy Americans or corporations.”

First they had the Build Back Better bill and that tanked. Then it was the prescription drug bill but now that the cap on insulin has been removed, that is pretty weak sauce. And any package going forward had better not have climate change or tax hikes, according to Manchin so what’s left? Manchin says he is willing to look at a re-written prescription drug bill and….yeah that’s about it.

The Senator says he opposes major new spending because of the state of the economy which, if you haven’t noticed, is brutal.

Democrats were so excited to pass legislation since they control the Presidency and the Congress but they just can’t get a win.

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