Can You Hear Me Now?

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As the body ages, it stops working. But it doesn’t have to!

MIT scientists at MIT spinoff biotechnology company Frequency Therapeutics think they’ve found a way to grow the little hairs inside the cochlea that allow us to hear. The same ones die off when we age or listen to music too loud.

This regenerative therapy could reverse that hearing loss without hearing aids and cochlear implants. And it’s coming soon.

Frequency co-founder Jeff Karp said in a statement, “I wouldn’t be surprised if in ten or 15 years, because of the resources being put into this space and the incredible science being done, we can get to the point where [reversing hearing loss] would be similar to Lasik surgery, where you’re in and out in an hour or two and you can completely restore your vision. I think we’ll see the same thing for hearing loss.”

The end game here is that we will all live forever, right?

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