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A new study shows that menopause changes women’s brain function but the body compensates, proving that the female body is a goddess in its natural reproductive lifecycle. The science did not say that last part. We did.

According to researchers, the volume of gray matter and white matter in the brain decreases during menopause, as do the areas associated with memory and perception. The body compensates for these changes with increased blood flow and production of ATP, the main energy source for cells. After menopause, these changes level out or reverse.

One troubling finding, however, showed that women who had the genetic variant that put them at risk for Alzheimer’s showed an increase in amyloid plaques during menopause.

Menopause can last between four and 10 years. It is the time of life when a woman’s estrogen levels decline as the body stops ovulating for reproduction. It can be a disorienting and hormonal time, much like puberty is when the body prepares for reproduction. It is a necessary lifecycle and researchers say that it deserves further study and understanding.


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