China Cracks Down on Music


You will no longer be able to sing songs such as “I Love Taiwanese Girls,” “Fart,” “Beijing Hooligans” and “Don’t Want to Go to School” in Chinese karaoke bars. The government has created a blacklist of songs that they consider subversive.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism says that it will publish its complete list of no-no songs in October and the country’s 5,000+ karaoke bars will be forced to comply by removing them from their roster.

Xinhua news agency reports that the government will ban any song that “endangers national unity, sovereignty or territory integrity; violates China’s religious policies and spreads cults and superstitions; and advocates obscenity, gambling, violence and drug-related crimes or instigating crimes.”

Instead, karaoke options must contain songs that are “healthy or uplifting.” One could argue that farts are healthy and uplifting…

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