Counting The Bees

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A census was taken in the Netherlands last week for bees. More than 11,000 people across the country participated in a bee counting exercise to track the powerhouse pollinators.

The results were encouraging! The nation’s bee population is steady, which is a refreshing change from the decline we’ve seen in recent decades.

“An average of 18 to 20 bees and hoverflies were recorded in each garden during the count. These numbers have remained steady over the years, indicating that there is no strong decline in urban gardens,” said Vincent Kalkman, an entomologist who led the bee census.

The Netherlands has employed tactics to promote a healthy bee population in recent years. There are bee hotels in Amsterdam, grassy fields have been replaced by wildflowers and many bee-harming chemicals have been outlawed. It is an encouraging piece of data that shows that conservation works, friends! There is hope yet!



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