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The pandemic destroyed a lot of what we know. Upside: it brought more dogs into our lives!

Not just any dogs. An increasing number of people have opted for a doodle mix. That’s right, there’s a doodle boom. These are dogs that are part poodle, part something else. A goldendoodle is a poodle/golden retriever mix. A labradoodle is… well, you get it.

I’m sure this happens in the wild, when a stray labrador meets a stray poodle at a romantic night spot, and people probably adopted those mixes from shelters. But breeders are the main ones noticing/profiting from this huge surge in doodle love.

And with a surge in love comes a surge in hate, which should NOT be directed at the adorable dogs. I have no hate, but I would love to remind people that there are SO MANY dogs in shelters that need love. And those places have mixes coming out the wazoo. Like Em Dash, my golden retriever with very short ears that’s mixed with… who knows?

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