End The Daylight Saving Madness

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The tyranny of daylight saving is almost over in the U.S.! Most of the country falls back an hour to standard time on Sunday. Many experts think they should stay there. (Including the whole team here at Morning Invest)

The practice (which is called daylight saving and not daylight savings) was first instituted nationwide in the ‘60s. The Department of Transportation is the boss of DST and says it offers energy savings, fewer accidents, and a reduction in crime. Data seems to show most of that isn’t quite true.

Even if there was data supporting DST, many think the bad outweighs the good. And many of those people are experts, who say the practice of hopping hours can screw with sleep, which can be disastrous. Even more so for kids and teens, many of whom have to do Calculus at eight in the morning.

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