Europe Moves To Ban Substances

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The European Union is said to be working on a law that would prevent or severely limit the sale of products that are linked to deforestation. That includes palm oil, soy, wood, cocoa, coffee and beef.

The plan is rumored to be announced in December and would be a major economic shift for the 27-country block, which has more than 450 million consumers.

According to The Guardian, “these measures would ‘decisively contribute to saving biodiversity’ and prevent 71,920 hectares of forests being chopped down each year by 2030 – an area roughly half the size of Greater London.”

Many say that the law is not comprehensive enough. It does not protect certain areas that are under threat of deforestation and it leaves out some products that are also said to be violators. For instance, rubber, leather, maize and other kinds of meat would still be allowed, despite their negative impact on the environment.

But any and all steps at curbing climate change are paramount. Energy prices in Europe are up because wind-driven electricity has not been possible since there is no wind in the North Sea.

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