Feral Cats Assemble

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Chicago has unleashed 1,000 feral cats into its streets to tackle an infestation of rats. What could go wrong? That’s our first question. We have so many others:

  • Why did they have 1,000 feral cats at the ready?
  • How can they assure residents can live safely with those cats and not harm them?
  • How will they handle the feral cat population if and when the rat problem ends?

Admittedly, the city has to do something. It was ranked as the “rattiest” city by pest control company Orkin. The Tree House Humane Society says that they will unleash cats that have been neutered but “cannot thrive in a home or shelter environment” to hunt out the rats.

Here is a little fun fact for you:

Some historians say that the 14th Century European plague resulted from witch hunts. Cats were thought to be witches’ companions and were destroyed by the thousands. Without a healthy cat population, the rats went rampant and spread disease.


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