Gender In The Garden State

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The state of New Jersey is doing the opposite as the state of Florida and purposely inserting gender education for grade-schoolers.

The new education standards for young children focus on gender, not sexuality. I believe that this is where the controversy gets lost in conflict.

What is wrong with teaching children that gender is not necessarily two opposite sides? What is wrong with teaching boys that they can play with “girl things” and feel “like a girl,” despite what body parts they have? And vice versa, of course. Breaking down gender stereotypes is a good thing to do early.

But do we have to teach children about sexuality in the first grade? Is there a way to teach them that some families have two mommies or two daddies or other combinations of adults or sometimes only one adult without teaching them about sexual attraction? Sure there is but you have to calm the eff down to do so and no one seems able to do that in the debate about gender and sexuality.

In related news, Los Angeles County has banned official travel to Florida because of the new gender education laws. How much do city officials from Los Angeles have to travel to Florida?

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