Ghosting Employers

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The Great Resignation, Striketober, and the general labor shortage are changing the balance of power in the workplace. An increasing number of employers are getting ghosted by applicants. Employers receive an application, respond, set up an interview, and then…

(cricket, cricket)

OR, they get all the way through the interview process, hire the person, schedule their first day, and then…

(cricket, cricket)

Slate reporter Alison Green heard from several hiring managers. “I’ve sent out over 30 offers to interview,” one wrote. “Nine agreed to interviews. Three didn’t show up, two failed background checks, two didn’t want to travel … and we’ve made offers to the other two but neither has responded to accept or reject. I’ve never had so many people just not respond or not show up. Is this the new normal?”

For every applicant who has sent out resume after resume and heard nothing, who has heard those crickets at many job interviews, this is more than a little enjoyable.

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