Google Will Watch You Sleep

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The newest Google Nest thermostat has a feature that will track your sleep patterns. You should know this before you buy one!

The Nest Hub now has a function called Sleep Sensing that monitors breathing and movement to anyone sleeping nearby. It will also track movements at night such as coughing or snoring so that it can advertising, for instance, sleep apnea cures if the device notices that you have disrupted sleep patterns.

That example is relatively innocuous so let’s play this out. What if your Nest notices that you and your partner have intimate time every 28 days? And what if it then notices that no baby results from those regular encounters? And what if you start to see ads about infertility based on those personal patterns? Are you alright with that?

What if, conversely, it notices that you live alone but receive nightly visitors at irregular intervals? What if you then start to receive ads about STD tests or birth control? Are you alright with that? It’s worth asking!


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