Government Pulls Out Its Regulation Handbook

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The Federal Communications Commission says that it will regulate social media. Gulp. That is a big undertaking and we predict it will not go smoothly.

The chair of the FCC says that there is bi-partisan support for this in congress since social media does not currently have to play by the same rules as other media.

The Latest

This comes on the heels of Facebook and Twitter moderating posts about Hunter Biden, Vice President Biden’s son. An odd story about his laptop popped up this week and social media decided to block it in order to verify the story before allowing it to be widely disseminated.

Social media companies had the freedom to make these decisions independently and there are many who don’t agree with this. The President is one of them. So now the FCC is jumping into action to call for regulation at a very obvious time. Way to catch up guys. The time for rules and regulations was about 10 years ago but okay. Let’s do it.

What’s Next?

We predict that this will go down like a gladiator battle because the government may want one thing, but social media companies want another and have the money to fight. There will be lobbyists galore. It is hard to imagine this ends with legislation that is in our best interest.

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