Harold, It Says Here There’s Something Called Web 3.0


“Every new advent of the web is at first baffling.” 

That’s what Mat Dryhurst, who teaches NYU classes on the future of the internet, told NPR in reference to Web3 (short for Web 3.0).

Web3 is a (baffling) vision for the next iteration of world wide webbiness that cuts out the Face-Goo-Twit middle man and gives the internet back to the people.

Stepping a tiny bit into the weeds, Web3 is internet built around the blockchain, which would allow users to take their internet history with them wherever they go on the web. Forget those 50 billion different logins, all information for Web3 would be in one central place for each person.

Of course, that’s one reason critics aren’t riding this wave to the future. You think we’re concerned about privacy now? Try putting all your information eggs in one basket.

Web3 is not a new idea, but there’s a lot of interest (and money) right now that could make it a reality in the near(ish) future. Of course, it could also never happen if Google, Facebook and Amazon stand in the way.

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