Housework Keeps You Young

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A new study shows that housework could help older people stay sharp.

As if I needed another reason to clean, data shows housework can help with memory, attention span, and avoiding accidental falls.

Research published in the journal BMJ Open shows that 66% of adults 65-90 who lived independently stayed in mental and physical shape by doing housework alone. We’re not talking Peloton traditional exercise, but stuff like dusting, ironing, and more intense activities like cleaning windows and vacuuming.

According to Neuroscience News, “heavy housework was associated with a 14% higher attention score while light housework was associated with 12% and 8% higher short and delayed memory scores, respectively.”

This is an observational study, so researchers can’t establish cause, but previous research identifies a link between exercise and strong brains, so this is more evidence of the same.

The link wasn’t really there for the younger participants studied, so that means my dust bunnies have a few decades before they need to fear for their lives.

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