How Do I Explain This Without Scaring You?

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NASA is worried that we may not be on the same wavelength when it comes to otherworldly beings. The space agency wants to talk about language in advance of any announcements about other beings, which they are hinting may be forthcoming. This comes only six months after the Pentagon released UFO videos filmed by NAVY pilots.

What is NASA so worried about to make them want to sit us down and have this little chat?

They are worried that the public is looking for a yes/no answer to whether or not there is life on other planets and may reduce any news to this binary choice when in fact it may not be that simple.

For instance, if they find signals or “biological activity,” does that necessarily mean a being? No. What they are proposing is a scale system where any discovery is linked with a number giving a probability that the finding is linked to otherworldly life.

Sigh. Okay. We can talk about it first but it feels like watching a safety video before you go to a bouncy park.

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