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A flying object was recently spotted over AREA 51!!!

While it could be an alien ship, The War Zone has some evidence that points to a super-secret surveillance drone from the U.S. Air Force called RQ-180.

(But it could be aliens.)

The drone was first spotted last year over the Mojave Desert, then in September above the Philippines, and now Area 51. These could be different drones (or alien ships), but they look the same.

According to The War Zone, Joerg Arnu, who maintains Dreamland Resort, was on the scene for the Area 51 sighting:

“A friend who wishes to remain anonymous and I were at the Groom Lake Road gate yesterday. I heard a faint aircraft noise and noticed a contrail straight above us, inside the Area 51 restricted airspace, heading roughly SSW. Through my IS [image stabilized] binoculars, I first thought I was looking at a B-2 until I realized it had a POINTED tail. The B-2 has a serrated tail.”

This could be a sign that the Air Force is ready to go public with RQ-180. It could also be a sign that the aliens are ready to go public.

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