It’s Blowin’ a Gale Out There

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Bad news. The 2022 hurricane season looks to be a doozy.

Hurricane season formally begins in June 1 but experts say that the Gulf of Mexico is already warmer than normal. They are also worried about something called the Loop Current, a current of warm water that is looping around the Gulf with the power to turn tropical storms into “monster hurricanes.”

I do not like the term “monster hurricanes.” The last time a loop like this happened we got Hurricane Katrina.

Can we blame this on humans? Yeah, we can. Heat trapped by greenhouse gases is often stored in the ocean. Hurricanes draw their strength from the top 100 feet of the sea. Normally warmer water can be cooled by the cooler water in the lower depths but this Loop Current is deeper, warmer and saltier than normal. It’s not a good combination of factors.

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