Just Another Day At The Casino Office

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Can’t work in your office? Why not work from Vegas? What could go wrong?

MGM resorts have been hard hit by the pandemic and have launched a “Work from Vegas” business package for its resorts. It encourages workers to get a hotel room since they are not reporting to the office. The cheapest package includes 5-day stays at about $100 per night, well below the going rate pre-pandemic. It also includes food and beverage discounts and discounted flights from surrounding cities in California, Texas, and Washington.

What is not included is child care so if you have kids, you would have to work pool-side in between sun screening and try to keep an eye on them. Is that your idea of fun? And sure, you get maid service so you don’t have to clean your own workspace but is it wise to be around gambling in a down economy? Our bet is that this would be a bust but if you give it a try, let us know how it goes!

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