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Hospitals in the U.K. report an increase in children with sunburns coming into emergency rooms. Three children had to be treated for burns and plastic surgery.

We’ll skip the obvious joke here about how British people are unfamiliar with the sun because this is serious. These are record temperatures for the U.K. of nearly 88 degrees. That’s nothing compared to the West Coast heatwave in the 100s but it can still take lives.

So here is your friendly reminder to wear a hat and sun covering, hydrate with unsweetened beverages and wear sunscreen. The number on your sunscreen refers to minutes. SPF20 will only protect you for 20 minutes of exposure and SPF 50 is good for 50 minutes. Do not trust SPF over 80 and do not bother with SPF under 20. Stick to the SPF 40-70 range, which means re-applying every hour at a minimum and apply under your bathing suit too. Also, make sure your SPF is labeled “broad-spectrum” because that means that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. The UVB rays cause the most damaging sunburns.

Click here for Natali’s guide to choosing non-toxic sunscreen.


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