Meet Me On Zeta Reticuli

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Beam me up Scotty! Scientists say that interstellar travel may be possible without a spaceship. How? By hopping from rogue planet to rogue planet!

Rogue planets are planets or masses that have been ejected from their solar systems. Not because they’re bad. Because of “gravitational events.” Scientists say that there may be more than 50 billion rogue planets out there and some may have things humans need like water and gravity.

In this paper, scientists say that extraterrestrials that have migrated planetary systems may have left “technosignatures” and we may be able to find them on rogue planets.

Another paper, however, should give us pause about doing this. A Spanish researcher says that there may be as many as four evil civilizations out there. Does that include humans or no? Just asking because it’s not clear to me these days.

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