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Candy maker Mars announced Thursday that M&M characters are getting a revamp. The company wants the characters to better reflect a “more dynamic, progressive world.”

Keeping in mind that this is all advertising, which means motives are anything but pure, the new M&Ms will be better (and less-gendered) friends.

  • The green M&M will lose her go-go boots for “cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence.”
  • Brown and Green will be a lot friendlier than in some previous advertisements, and Brown’s heels won’t be so high.
  • Orange is embracing his anxious nature by tying his shoes.
  • Red will bully no more, embracing his M&M community and friends. His shoes now have laces, as do Yellow’s.
  • Blue’s shoes now kind of look like Uggs.

(Shoes are a big part of this, since there isn’t much else to each character.)

All prefixes will also disappear and there will be M&Ms in different shapes and sizes. This is a clear push to speak to a new generation that loves to speak (see above), but will Gen Z buy it?

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