New Stunning Data on Masks

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new study shows that wearing masks may make Covid more fatal. Wait, what!?

The study looks at Covid fatality rates in places that had mask mandates versus places that did not. It found that places that had mask mandates had higher fatality rates than places that had none. This doesn’t have to do with outbreak numbers. It has to do with people who actually caught it. Of those that caught it, they were more likely to die of it if they lived in masked-up places.

Researchers think this has to do with something called the “Foegen effect.” It means that when you wear a mask, you inhale “hypercondensed droplets” more deeply. So if Covid gets in there, it gets farther in there. Whereas if you are not wearing a mask and are exposed to Covid, your body might get a lighter viral load of it and be able to survive it easier.

The data showed that when mask mandates were dropped, Covid outbreaks were higher but hospitalizations lower, and therefore people died less.

This is a peer-reviewed study and the researchers do say that “further research is needed to fully understand it” but worth considering because mask mandates are still being defended by the Justice Department.

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