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new report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports harrowing consequences of the climate emergency for the U.S. alone.

Actually, this is not a new report. The EPA admitted that this report was ready in 2017 but delayed by the Trump White House.

Well it’s here now and it’s not happy news. The report paints a picture of a planet in crisis and for the first time, attributes this to human behavior. Allow us to sum it up: We are energy hogs and consumerish pigs and the planet is heating up as a result.

Coastal flooding is rampant, arctic ice is thinning, ocean temperatures are at record highs, wildfire and pollen season have started earlier every year, heat waves happening three times more often than in the 1960s. If this news was shushed under Trump, it is being shouted under Biden as it underlines the country’s need for new and greener infrastructure. The EPA launched a website to educate the public about how this affects us all.



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