Not Bad If You’re Rich

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Here is a round-up of the indirect effects of the pandemic:

new survey shows that Generation Z, young people aged 13 to 24 years old, report that the pandemic has made it hard for them to pursue their education and career. They are also the generation most likely to feel hindered in their friendships, romantic relationships and feel the most challenged to maintain good mental health. Other generations report these things too but not with such high incidence.

Meanwhile in the U.K., hospitals have had to put off more than 13,000 operations in the last two months due to Covid surges. That is 13,000 people who might have needed transplants, bypasses, vital hip replacements are left without a plan. The number of people waiting for “non-urgent” care in England peaked last month at 5.83 million, a trend that undoubtedly extends beyond England.

Meanwhile, it isn’t all bad if you’re super-rich. The World Inequality Report shows that billionaires collectively own 3.5% of global wealth, up from 2% in 2020. Alright for some!

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