Paying More For Less

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new report shows that the cost of going to college is 169% more expensive than it was in 1980. But has the return on that investment paced the rising cost?

Simply put: No. 

In fact, the average pay for college-educated young people is up by just 19% in the same time frame.

“Today, two out of three jobs require postsecondary education and training, while three out of four jobs in the 1970s required a high school diploma or less. Yet while young people today need more education than ever to compete in the labor market, a college education is more expensive than in the past,” the report said.

The report estimate that people with a college degree earn around $45,000 per year while people without average $30,000.

The authors of the report call on the Build Back Better act to fix the “disjointed approach” to education in the U.S. It asks for free college to help low-income students but we already know that was thrown out of the bill so what is the next best thing? Undetermined.

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