Plastics In Your Poop

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new study shows that baby poop contains up to 10 times more microplastics (MP) than adult poop.


The study focused on polyethylene terephthalate (PED) and polycarbonate (PC) in infants and adults. These are chemicals found in microplastics that are known to disrupt the natural endocrine system and are linked to all manner of health problems from cancer to Alzheimer’s. The study found that “infants are exposed to higher levels of MPs than adults.”


Many baby bottles, food containers, toys and pacifiers are made with these chemicals. Also, babies crawl on the floor and can pick up debris a lot easier than walking adults. So what can we do to protect our babies’ bodies from processing plastics through their little systems? Reduce your use of plastics in your house, period! Use glass instead wherever possible and vacuum and sweep the floor more often. Also, support legislation that bans these chemicals from everyday items and let your local representatives know that you want this!

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