Powell’s Death and The Vaccine Debate

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Former Secretary of State Colin Powell passed away on Monday, and his death is testing the already tense Covid waters. He was fully vaccinated, yet died of Covid complications.

He was also 84. And immunocompromised.

The high-profile death has experts and the White House on the defensive, arguing against anti-vaxxers who say this proves the vaccines don’t work. HHS adviser Ian Sams took to Twitter: “Please don’t let the death of an American icon become fodder for anti-vax forces that are putting untold millions in danger. Vaccines work. They prevent bad outcomes. They (like all vaccines) are not 100%, especially among older people with underlying/complicating health issues.”

General Colin Powell suffered from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that’s one of the immunocompromised conditions experts warned from the start could make vaccines less effective. Powell’s wife Alma also had Covid, but she recovered.

The risks of breakthrough infections are very low, though they are a danger because–oh, yeah–’Rona rules the world.

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